Devonthink access from my PC

There use to be a way to share my libraries/databases with my PC but now can’t find a way. Think it was v2 pro. I use my MAC as my research pc but my main PC which I do daily work is a Windows. I would like to be able to open my databases from that computer where I keep my ebooks, training guides and articles for work.

Where did this capability go and is there a replacement?

It went here.

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Ya that would be great but just that feature alone for me is not worth the upgrade. Thanks for sharing the info.

I almost have your exact scenario. What I do is use Dropbox to sync the same files between my PCs and my Macs and then index those folders into DT.

You need to be a little bit careful when changing or removing files from Windows side and do a manual “File → Update Indexed Items” if you don’t see the changes done in Windows once Dropbox has been synchronized in your Mac.