DevonThink Activated When using Safari Clipper

When clipping something from Safari into Devon, I typically don’t want to switch to the Devon application. However, when using the clipper button to clip a web page, Devon becomes active.

I think there’s a thread mentioning it being an unavoidable behavior because of OS X limitations, or something like that. Or I’m glad to be wrong. :slight_smile:

I saw a mention of that as well… only it was in relation to selecting a image on a web page. There was mention of developing the clipper outside of the browser extension also.

this would be a good one to sort out - it is quite annoying to have to switch back to safari every time one clips a page.

any workarounds, anyone?

Sure. You can use a Service to capture either a rich text note or a WebArchive of a selected portion of the Web page, or use Reader to create a text pane of the desired article, then select the Reader pane and use one of the above Services.

Safar will stay frontmost.

Keyboard shortcuts to capture selected text/image from page:

“Command-)” to capture as rich text
“Command-%” to capture WebArchive