Devonthink added new files to my dropbox when I OCR'd items

I am playing around with indexing vs importing my files to decide what works best for my workflow. I just tried to index jpg files in a folder, and then OCR the items I’ve indexed. I then realized that Devonthink added the OCR’s pdf+text files in the original folder.

Is there a way to index and OCR, without duplicating my files?

E.g. by enabling the preference to move the original to the trash or by using the OCR > Apply smart rule action.

A side note: moving the original to the trash remains the trashed file in indexed place until you empty the trash if things haven’t changed in latest DT version.

Sorry, I am a newbie with smart rules! I can’t find the preference for moving the original to the trash

Preferences > OCR > Original Document: Move to Trash