Devonthink and Bookends

I am interested in discovering if anyone has been able to figure out a way such that when a reference is added to a group in Bookends that Devonthink would automatically import this reference into its database.

At this point, every time I make an addition to my smart group I manually have to import the references into Devonthink

That would be super… I find I’m working in reverse to you, at the moment. I add things to DTPO - and then face palm a few days later, when I remember I haven’t added it to BE! :laughing:

There are a few posts with very useful scripts about creating a wiki-link/call-back of sorts between existing documents inside either DTPO or BE - but none, as far as I know, that allows for your scenario. I’m not even sure where the request would lie - here, or over at the BE’s forum…

Regardless, have favourited this one - will definitely be coming back to see if anything pops up!