DEVONthink and Camino.

I know that in Camino, the Cmd + ) Service to take an RTF note doesn’t work, but does anyone know why this is? I’m guessing that it is something that will have to be fixed by the Camino development people… but I’m just curious to know why the services menu works in Camino (unlike Firefox) but specifically the “Take Rich Note” for DEVONthink (and DEVONthink Pro) doesn’t.

I use Camino 0.9a1, and you’re right, the Take/Append Rich Note is grayed out in Services. I’ve written to the developers in the past, and they always respond quickly. See Help: Camino Feedback.

Thanks, howarth.

OS X Services compatibility is the responsibility of the developers of Camino.

What would we need to communicate to the Camino developers to get this service active? Is there a specific call/library/service they have to implement? Just curious, not a programmer so I wanted to make a succinct request with their team.

I sent them a message, but they said it would be really unlikely to ever be implemented because it would take too long to program or something. :confused:

It’s not only the Camino Browser, all products of the Mozilla Foundation are affected. I think, it’s because they’re using XUL, instead of Cocoa.

All Cocoa programms are able to implement services easily. I wanted to use FireFox and Thunderbird as my programms of choice for E-Mail and Browsing, but without that functionality I can’t. So it’s OmniWeb and Mail.

Thyrfing, thanks for that tip. I use Camino and Firefox mostly to write blogs, because they implement the old wysiwyg editor, Composer, that was in Netscape. They are quicker than Safari and have better Java, but I do like Safari’s access to Services and Scripts. I used to own OmniWeb; will have to see if it supports a wysiwyg editor. Anything to avoid writing code! :slight_smile: