DEVONthink and DTToGo Workaround

I just started evaluating DEVONthink and purchased DTTG to see if they would fit our production companies workflow. (We produce documentaries introducing new tech products) DEVONthink is turning out to be awesome for our needs with the ability tor organize client emails, contracts and SOWs, shoot lists, storyboards, scripts talent and video.

Where we run into trouble is with DTTG. In the field we have become very iPad based so I was wondering if it’s possible to export projects to IOS software with a more robust cloud sync technology like OmniFocus. I realize this may not be the best answer but I really like the desktop DEVONthink’s capabilities and just would like a way to sync the necessary info to our crew in the field via the cloud and exchange info and updates between team members without having to use a computer in the office.

Thanks, Richard

Currently, no this is not possible with DEVONthink To Go. DTTG syncs via WiFi and the desktop application.

Hi Bluefrog,

Thanks for the reply. I was aware of the wifi only sync with DTTG. What I was hoping for was to use Devonthink on the Mac set up the t,he project and then transfer the project to something like omniOutliner or OmniFocus still on the Mac. Then distribute the Omni version via cloud sync to the crew in the field. I know it sounds a little complicated but I’m guessing it my be a while till DTTG has cloud to IOS ability.

when it gets complicated like this, your best bet might be remote login to a mac, or exporting the project into a portable format like a pdf. you could also make the content available via a secure website. in other words, ios is pretty limited, not just for dttg, and moving data from one app to another requires a little more effort.

Could you start a Support Ticket? I have something to discuss with you. Thanks.