DEVONthink and Emacs Org mode TODOs back links

I have been using Keyboard Maestro for awhile now to take the selected group in DEVONthink and create a task in my org file. I use Emacs org-mode for task managing, time tracking, and note taking where DEVONthink stores all the data files related to the task/project. To make my notes in the org file available in DEVONthink searches, I choose to index my org file in DEVONthink. When selecting a group in DEVONthink and looking through the inspector, I noticed that the mentions happened to show me that the group was linked in my org file and even the current status as shown. Just wanted to share this specific use case with any others using Emacs and DEVONthink.

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Very interesting and likely useful to other Emacs users. :slight_smile: