DevonThink and GTD

“GTD” is too vague of a search term, so I didn’t find anything in the archives. Searching for “David Allen” I got three hits from 5-6 years ago. Now that DTPO 2.0 is current, does anyone have any feedback/workflows for using DTPO in a GTD workflow?

I’ve looked at the reminder scripts (ie. Sending to The Hit List) and there is a link back to the original file in DTPO. I can also set a Reminder in iCal from an item in DTPO.

Here’s my question, is it possible to set a ToDo in iCal and link it to DTPO?

Setup the following DTPO DB:
-Group: Contexts
–Smart Group: @Calls
—Reminder to Call Someone (with @Calls Tag, so it shows up with other @Calls in DTPO)
Scripts>Reminders>Add As Event in iCal

That produces a URL like this: x-devonthink-item://6570340D-F056-4BAF-9333-F1029C0ADB50

Is there a way to reverse the process?

Create ToDo
Call Someone Else (URL: x-devonthink-item://???)

I’m actually using The Hit List in beta form, but it looks like it’s future is uncertain. And the others in this genre are pricey as well.

So, anyone have any GTD workflows that seem to work in DTPO?

I use OmniFocus with DTPO and I usually drive the linkage from DTPO. You can enter a ‘x-devonthink-item’ link in an iCal to-do, but as you need to copy the link from DT to begin with (Edit>Copy Item Link), I would expect that it’s easier to just create the to-do from DT using the Reminder script.

It might also be helpful to search here on OmniFocus to see how some people are using GTD with DT. I would expect that some of the hits might be helpful, even if you stick with THL and/or iCal. I’m sure that there are some discussions on using Things with DT also, but searching for ‘Things’ will not be productive.


Thanks for the feedback. I did some searching and found some GTD scripts on the DT site.

Wasn’t there a way to make an item a check-able item. Ie. An RTF document, I could click a box next to it’s name to mark it completed? Is there a way to set a “due date” in DTPO?

The GTD script I found has the ability to move an item to the “Trash” folder once completed, but I can’t figure out how to complete an item.


Sometimes a specialized program is better than a generic one. I think that’s true in this case. DTPO doesn’t provide the features to implement a full GTD system, but I suppose it could be used as an auxiliary app.

Omnifocus for full featured GTD or Things for a simpler system. Depends on what your needs are.


I’m starting to think that too. I use DTPO daily for storing anything in print (using ScanSnap S300M) or digital.

It may be better used as a compliment to GTD, not as a GTD tool by itself.