Devonthink and iAnnotate ?

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I hope this is the right section for this post (please correct me if I am wrong). Here is my question: with the new iPad out, I read and edit most of my PDFs on the tablet with a program called iAnnotate. The program seamlessly syncs with dropbox, which makes it very easy to sync the annotations.

Now, I mostly use DTP with embedded files: I find that the sorting and tagging functionalities work best this way (for ex: throwing files in the inbox and sorting later, moving files from one folder to another etc).

Is there however a way to keep my files embedded and import/export to iAnnotate without having to replace the file each time ? I guess this question links up to many questions about Scrivener and other third party apps which we would like to use with PDFs in DTP…

Is the annotation functionality of iAnnotate going to be useless once DTP for iPad comes out ?

Lots of questions…Thanks for your answers !


I’ve found that you can scan DTP databases that are in Dropbox with iAnnotate, as iAnnotate sees them as regular folders. The main inconvenience is that DTP’s entire ‘internal’ folder structure is synced across too, meaning you have to rely on search and the ‘annotated’ and ‘unread’ functions of iAnnotate’s file browser to get the pdf you need. This also means you may need to make a special database for your pdf collection.
I’ve tried both the ‘embedding’ and the ‘indexing’ ways, but have decided that indexing fitted my workflow best -allowing my pdf collection to be included in my main DTP database.

The annotations made in iAnnotate do get synced to the DTP database on the Mac and back via dropbox (of which you may need the latest beta versions for the metadata to sync), as they do with annotations made in Preview.

Dear Simon,
Thank you very much for your reply !