DEVONthink and Photographic Contact Sheets

For all you photographers out there I have come across a nice little application that might be of interest. First of all I want to say that I have no connection with any of the software I mention in this posting except that I am a happy user. It is, however, DEVONthinkPro that makes it so useful. I am using DEVONthink Pro Office (DVPO).

The Mac application is called ‘ContactPage’ which is produced by Badia Software, ( which simply put produces contact sheets for photographers. One of the things this is useful for is for cataloguing a photographic archive which can be exported in a number of formats including PDF which is ideal for either importing or indexing into DVPO. The way I have set it up is to save the ‘ContactPage’ as a PDF to a folder in my Documents folder and have DVPO index that folder. Then I can open the PDF in Skim and make personal notes on each individual image. It is worth saying that ‘ContactPage’ can be set up to include a lot of metadata in its preferences, it is up to the user to choose what is wanted in the finished contact sheet.

All this results in a nice archive of my photographs which I can easily access in DVPO for quick review as well as containing invaluable notes which, of course, can be anything from nothing to a brief description of how I was feeling or anything at all—all searchable in DVPO. It is the genius/power of DVPO that makes it so useful.

The screenshot is part of a contact sheet pdf I produced. The first notes under each image are the metadata I had ContactPage put in and the notes in the boxes are mine that I added in Skim. ‘ContactPage’ is very fast and it produced a contact sheet out of 1068 photographs in a matter of seconds. In future I intend making contact sheet for every shoot I do.

There are, no doubt, other ways of using the application in conjunction with DVPO and over time I will probably find some of them! I have not tried it with any other software but the developers claim it plays well with InDesign, QuarkXPress and Pages, (check the website first).

Very nice find, and very good example. Thanks for the info!