I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up DEVONthink in such a way that I can access my databases that are stored on the QNAP server on any of my devices, whether MacBook, or iPhone or iPad?


No, it’s not possible. The mobile application doesn’t access a DEVONthink database directly, and DEVONthink databases are not made for concurrent User access (if you were considering that).

I just received an email indicating sync support with the new version of DT To Go. I’m wondering if I’ll now be able to host my databases on my QNAP server and then have it properly synced to the devices that I use?

It is unclear if your question is the same as your first. Assuming you mean the same as your previous question, the answer is still no (and there are no plans to change this).

But you could create a WebDAV sync store on your QNAP server and use the sync store to synchronize your devices/computers.

This is exactly that I do on a Synology NAS, and it works great.

This is what I do with my QNAP NAS. As I don’t expose it to the Internet, though, I also have a second sync store on Dropbox that houses my Global Index and a couple of other databases that I need to be always up to date when away from my personal network.