DEVONthink and SMB

With Apple deprecating AFP in favor of SMB, I’m hitting a few issues in my workflow, and it would be nice if these could be addressed. Specifically, I regularly do a backup to a NAS box of much of my work, including my DT databases (yes, I’m very careful to close DT before doing this).

And this works fine with AFP, but starts to hit snags with SMB because of restrictions on allowed characters in Windows filenames. Of course, Windows doesn’t like <>:|/?*, and some of these do turn up in the internal filenames inside the DT database (it’s pretty common for webloc files to end up with a “|” since so many web sites use this in their names). These invalid characters cause the backup to break when the target is an SMB network share (not surprising).

My workaround for now is to compress the DT databases into a ZIP file and copy that instead, which works but is a bit of a kludge. It would be nice if there was a way to easily find these files in a DT database and (equally easily) rename them (or have DT do this automatically if an option was set). I’ve looked for a script that might do this, but the only rename script seems to work one file at a time, which isn’t going to cut it for the approx. 450 files I would have to rename.

Any suggestions, anyone?


One possibility might be to create a local sync store on the NAS. This would be faster & automatic. In addition, sync stores can be verified (either fast or thoroughly by pressing the Alt modifier key). However, sync stores aren’t recommended as the only (!) backup yet.

I did kind of find a work-around, by combining the Rename AppleScript with a smart group that filters on dubious filenames.

However, I’m going to hack the Rename AppleScript to it handles the MSDOS bad characters automatically as a single rename operation … I’ll post that here if anyone is interested in it.

(Cinges as he has to go and mess around inside AppleScript again after all these years…)