Devonthink and Sublime Text

I’m evaluating Devonthink. I like the approach! However, most of my text documents I want to import were created in Sublime Text. They just show an icon – not text or contents. I searched on “sublime text” in the forum and internet and didn’t find any posts or info related to my issue.

How do I convert these to text files compatible with Devonthink?

As a user of Sublime Text, I’m quite sure this has nothing to do with this superb text editor.

I suspect that your files (shown in the screen shot) don’t have a TXT extension, or something to tell your computer how to display.

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What’s the extension of these files?

It doesn’t list one. It shows as “document” as type but with no extension. I need to figure out how to change all Sublime Text files to .txt and make Sublime store them as such.

I changed default extension to txt in Sublime.

Then batch changed impacted files in Mac with a .txt extension.

I reimported the affected folders and viola! I see text! :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for the hint. I hope my steps help someone in the future.

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Nice and thanks for the follow-up! :slight_smile:

good you got going. but why reimport? if the file(s) in DEVONthink, just change the extension there. or if you consider the “official” version somewhere else in the file system, maybe you want to index them?

Indexing and importing fully explained in the outstanding DEVONthink Handbook. If indexing read carefully as there are pitfalls for the unaware.

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