DevonThink & Apple Intelligence

So what are the plans for DT regarding Apple Intelligence?

What’s there to tell? Next to nothing is actually known about it thus far. And there are plenty of high priority things going on in here. As a company, we don’t just jump onboard everything that drives by. And these aren’t light and trivial things to consider. We will investigate the information that becomes available as time allows.


I don’t speak for DT, but usually the way such things go is that at some interval after the public WWDC announcement, a developer preview becomes available. Which may or may not have the functionality described in the announcement, and generally falls somewhere in between “buggy” and “data-eating catastrophe.” Then, at some point after that, the previewed functionality starts to work well enough for developers to evaluate and consider maybe incorporating it into their products. (This point may come before or after the Version.0 release of Mac OS.)

TL;DR: Check back in September.


Meanwhile, at DEVONtechnologies HQ:


I love how the second screenshot shows only meaningless marketing blurb. “could”, “might allow for”, “challenges”, “opportunities” – well, sure. If the stars are aligned correctly, and if Apple opens their AI to others, and if their frameworks “just work” all that might or could happen. Or it might provide challenging. Or something else.

It appears that Apple’s translation services, available to their own apps in macOS and i*OS since at least three years, are still not accessible to third-party apps. And their classification services for photos still delivered only English terms, last time I checked. So, holding your breath to interface with Apple’s AI might not be a good idea.

Update There seems to be a Translation API coming to the OSs. At least, a WWDC talk about it is scheduled for June 12, 17:00 CET

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Don’t get too excited about Apple Intelligence, because it’s still a bit “cancamusa”. It’s not in the current developer betas, and they have a waitlist for when it’s available, and it’s only in English (I know that’s most of you, but not everyone), and only in USA. And not to mention, only Silicon in macOS and iPadOS, and iPhone 15 Pro (not even the 15 regular) will support it.

I’ve criticized Microsoft and their Copilot+ PC, which requires ARM + NPU more than 40 TOPS, when any newer Intel/AMD with NVIDA card outperforms the ARM ones, and Apple is even worse.


Ye Olde Internet is failing to provide a useful translation of this word. Maybe this?
It’s got nice consonants and rhythm though.

Ha, ha, no, if you search in the RAE (the Spanish Royal Language Academy, who regulates the Spanish language including latin variations) “cancamusa” is a

Said or fact that is intended to disorient someone so that they do not notice the deception that they are going to be subjected to.


Agree it is way too early to know for sure

I think a reasonable question to focus on is to what extent will Apple AI permit Siri to have deep integrations with 3rd party apps.

If that happens, I am going to guess that it will occur via Shortcuts or a variant thereof - and will not likely happen via Applescript.

Thus it seems more likely that it might work with DTTG than with DT3.

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Is ChatGPT inside DEVONthink? :open_mouth:

You can take it inside :wink:

In the previous screenshot it looks like the chat was in the inspector

It’s something we’re investigating but nothing for the public now or anytime soon.

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Great, I love it :star_struck:

Well, don’t fall in love just yet :wink:

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I tried this, but chatgpt does not work in the DTP tab. the website opens, but if I enter a prompt and send it, nothing happens. I have no idea if there is any safety rule in the DTP settings, that might block it?

We’re investigating various options - hopefully Apple Intelligence soon too:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-13 um 07.35.11


That is excellent news. Right now, I am experimenting with Google NotebookLM. However, I have to move papers (sources) from DT to NotebookLM, ask questions about the sources, copy and paste the answers to DT and then write my research notes. If DT could use AI to do what Google Notebook is doing (and possibly more), then we would have the unbeatable DT-Ultra :). The future is bright!

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Maybe like this…?

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