DevonThink archived webpages, offline?

Hello everyone, I’m deep into the DevonThink Trial period.

I ran across one thing I would like to be able to do with DevonThink that I haven’t been able to figure out yet.

Is it possible to view webpages that have been inserted into my DevonThink Hierarchy when I am offline?

Now when I try to do that I am faced with a “no internet connection” message.

It would be great to be able to view these webpages offline, as I am on a laptop and get around a lot!

Any help appreciated!

The (Mac-only) WebArchive file format lets one capture a page complete with text and images, and so it can be viewed offline.

The download disk image contains an Extras folder, and inside it are two bookmarklets. One of them can be placed on the Safari bookmarks toolbar and allows one-click capture of WebArchives to the database (I believe this works in DT Personal).

However, I do most of my Web captures as rich text of selected text and images. Why? Because many pages contain ads and other extraneous material. I can easily select and capture the text, graphics and tables in e.g. an article in Science Magazine online. A Control-click on the selection lets me choose the contextual menu option Capture Note (in the built-in browser), or the keyboard shortcut Command-) using OS X Services in Safari.

Images captured in rich text notes are available for offline viewing, and the rich text note is usually smaller than a WebArchive capture.

Thanks this sounds like exactly what I want to do! I’m on a Mac, so it should be OK.

However, how do I exactly do it?

Usually, to save a website into DevonThink I drag the “URL icon” from my browser into the target Group in DevonThink. However, this is the method that does not allow me to view the content offline.

I guess my question is now, how do I save things in the WebArchive file format.

Thanks for any help again!

Bill can confirm, but I think you can do this either with the provided Bookmarklet (archive to DevonThink)–just drag it to your bookmark bar, or you can do a Save As and choose WebArchive as the file fromat.

I have a related question – storing a web site in DT.

Is there a way to make DT use the internal DB copies of the webpages I’ve imported when navigating between pages using the included minibrowser?

(Background: I’ve used a webdownloader to locally archive an old set of social theory summaries from an abandoned university website, which I fear will one day diappear when whatever old forgotten computer it’s running on is noticed and unplugged. )

So, I have imported this folder hierarchy holding various pages and resources into DT (the downloader rewrites the links in the local copy to refer to the local filesystem.) When I open one of the pages in DT, and navigate using the links embedded in the pages , it appears that DT’s browser is showing me filesystem copies, rather than selecting and opening the imported copy in the database.

I should note that I’m using Personal while I wait for my Office license to arrive. I understand that Office has a built in downloader that may accomplish exactly this (importing/embedding a site hierarchy in the database), in which case I suppose I could just use that to “download” the site structure from the filesystem.

Is that about right?