devonthink as object oriented database

Hi, I’m trying devonthink and I like it. Actually, the sheet option, remind me a object database I used some times ago, called x-world that do not exist for macintosh, so I was wondering if devonthink 2.0 could integrate some of x-world options.

Actually I found 3 big limits about devonthink:

a) the column in sheet have not ‘data’ or ‘currency’ type (for example). I know devon is working on this for 2.0! Good!
b) the find window is quite poor if you want to query the sheets: for example find all the payment done by Mr. Smith (a group) from 1/1/06 to 5/5/06…
c) the 32,000 record limit is a big wall for office bookkeeping.

I know devonthink have another goal, but with a good improvement of sheets object it could be a killing application for object oriented databases!

(Other good ideas in x-world was to have a library of clean ‘group’ and ‘sheets’ to use to build a new database branch, and the concept of father and sons: an object inside a group keep the datas that identifies the group (this is not easy to explain: for example the group ‘Mr smith’ could have some meta-data that identifies it, like ‘name’ and ‘surname’, so the sheet with the Mr. Smith payment, inside the Mr.Smith group, knows the name and the surname stored in Mr.Smith group metadata (this is useful for query))).

Sorry for my english. I hope my message is comprehensible!

saluti dall’italia.