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Hi there,

I just updated to macOS 10.15 and now have the problem, that Apples Podcast App seems to be not very usable for archiving podcasts any more (yes there were lacks of functions before…).

I can use DT to have an podcast archive of course. The question is, if it is possible add new episodes automatically. And even better would be: Are there possibilities to save e.v. full episodes but not single chapters if both are provided in the same podcast-stream?

Thanks in advance!

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This depends heavily on the podcast and the app used to listen to them. E.g. podcasts supporting RSS feeds and providing downloads could be automatically archived.

Hi Christian,

thanks for your fast reply. Sorry for the dumb question: Where can I find the according hint how to manage that. Maybe I am blind sitting in front of DT and the Manual and do not see the forest because there are that much trees… :wink:

Thanks in advance!

There’s no generic approach but on the website of the podcast you could look for RSS or feed links (probably not in case of paid content). Or just post an example URL.

Hello @Reiner

Did you ever find a way to do this? I would love to be able to search archived podcast descriptions within DT.

Based on a script by @jrickmd this can be done with Youtube-Videos.

There has to be some way to accomplish it with audio podcasts. But the RSS feeds I typically see will download a short abstract of the audio content, not the actual audio file which is linked somewhere in the text-based contents.

I wonder if a smart rule could check the content of a html or pdf article for links containing “.mp3”, extract them through a RegEx pattern and then add them to downloads.

I currently have a docker container running PodGrab on my NAS.

This gives me a directory with the following structure

└The Vergecast
  └ 2022-01-14.......
└History of Japan
  └ 2022-01-14.......

Podgrab will get the actual media file.

I am still slogging my way though 'Learn Applescript" so apologies for not contributing any code, but it seems like it would be trivial (correct me if I’m wrong) to ingest the files from the folder.

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Hmm, wondering wether we’ll one day be able to subscribe to the official DEVONThink Podcast where @BLUEFROG talks to @eboehnisch, @cgrunenberg or any other of the crew to discuss new releases of DT or DTTG :grinning:


:thinking: :shushing_face:

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