DevonThink at startup opens the same document

This is one of those trivial maybe not worth features, but is there a way to define what document DevonThink opens by default each time you launch it? In my case it’s the daily todo-journal. Would save me 400 milliseconds (avoid clicking on it in the Favorites list plus keep the Favorites list always open)?

No, there’s not anything built-in other than selecting it before you quit the app. DEVONthink should reopen in the same state it quit.

However, you could generate a bookmark from the item link and launch DEVONthink by double-clicking it in a variety of ways.

Thx will try the bookmark case, assume this is the DT specific url that I could put into a browser bookmark. Or I will will experiment with Alfred to see if there’s a simple way to associate that with a ‘fake’ search.

  1. Control-click > Copy Item Link.
  2. Command-N to make a new bookmark in DEVONthink.
  3. Drag the bookmark out to your desktop, dock, whatever.
  4. Quit DEVONthink.
  5. Launch your bookmark.

Thx that’s cool but it opens up the document inside DevonThink in a separate window rather than in the view pane below when launching the link.

Then edit the URL by appending of the bookmark with ?reveal=1.

Thanks yes that was the trick.