Devonthink Beginner

Please can someone offer me some help. I am a beginner with devonthink pro office. I followed the tutorial to setup devonthink on dropbox and the go version on my iPhone.
I created the store on dropbox as devonthink packet sync, inside this folder is my database created as my name stuart.dtcloud. On the iPhone i created the same sync store and created the iPhone Db database , however , my iPhone database does not show up under the remote section on the sync tab in devonthink on the mac so therefore they cannot be in sync with each other. Maybe I made some mistake along the process but cannot spot what it is. If anyone can give guidance I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.
My devonthink packet sync folder on dropbox contains the following:

Please start a Support Ticket. Please include full size screencaptures of what you’re seeing. Thanks