DEVONthink blank on my Ipad - see screen shots

My Ipad shows my Global Inbox, but when I click on it, it’s blank. See Screenshot.

Everything works fine on my iPhone. Thoughts???

Are you using some Accessibility settings on the iPad?

This might not be your issue, but yesterday this happened to me! Coincidence, perhaps. For me, the cause was me, as I had a forgotten-about filter applied. The filter correctly showed me zero documents as there were none that passed the filter.


@Ja_acov there is a filter on, as @rmschne has suggested. In the bottom right of the sidebar the circular icon with the up arrow and down arrow is coloured in, indicating that a filter is in place. Presumably nothing meets the criteria of the filter, hence the viewing pane being blank.

Clicking on the button will show you the sorting/filter menu and you can remove whatever filter is running (Filter > No filter).


Thank you: I had a filter applied & than clicked on "no filter’, good to go! Thank you again!


Thank you! (Filter > No filter) worked!!!

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A gentlemen suggest (Filter > No filter) it worked and I am good to go!!! Thank you again for all that you do! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent and thanks to @rmschne and @MsLogica for their assistance :heart::smiling_face: