Devonthink + business cards that have already been scanned

I am wondering whether DT has any built goodies for dealing with business cards.

I know I can OCR the business cards, but can I have DT export the data on the business cards in a format that can be imported into address book software?

No, DEVONthink doesn’t include any dedicated support for these cards.

Do you have suggestions on how to import the business cards into address book once they’ve been OCR’d?

Any possibilities would be very dependent on the quality of the original and the OCR. Poor quality originals and the content of the text layer would limit any useful automation.

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The business card function was a key reason I kept using Evernote. For its time it was uncannily good at extracting the data into useable contact data.
When I was getting business cards it was a great way to scan and track a stack of cards after a conference. It’s been quite a while since I’ve needed to do that though. Don’t miss Evernote at all.