Devonthink Clipper problem

I am trying to use the clipper in OPERA on mac. When I click the shortcut i get a pop up asking me to LAUNCH DT PRO OFFICE. There is an ALLOW or DENY option, and a checkbox saying “always open x-devonthink: Links” . So far so good.

The pop up opens and closes in less than one second so there is NO WAY in the world to click the “always allow” box AND click ALLOW (Default is DENY). I only know what the box says because i managed to get a screenshot of it before it disappeared. I did manage to click ALLOW a few times and that brought up the clipper box like it should. Is there away to choose ALWAYS ALLOW in terminal or something? It’s been fun, almost like a game for a few minutes, trying to click those two things in 700 milliseconds, but I haven’t been able to do it. Anyone?

That’s an Opera issue, not a DEVONtech one. Check with their Support.