Devonthink Cloud Subscription Model

I know, Devontechnologies offers a great app for macos, ios and ipados. The DT server edition offers the possibility to access databases over a webinterface (also for windows devices). However, I would need a macos computer (server) running all the time and also to set up all security settings, so that my database is quite save. Therefore my question: wouldn’t it be a great idea that devontechnologies also offers an optional cloud-subscription (cloud storage and fully set up DT cloud database sync solution)? Arq has a strategy of offering the standalone app with the user using it’s own cloud storage (e.g. onedrive etc) and alternatively it offers also a arqcloud subscription model, where software and cloud storage is included… what do other users think about this? what does @cgrunenberg think about this?

For a non-expert user setting up devonthink server is not so easy (especially if you want to access it savely from outside) - and furthermore the server edition is quite expensive for private use only.

Interested in your opinions…

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Who knows what might be around the corner

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If you’re talking about storing and accessing your database in the cloud, that would be highly unlikely to happen.


There are options for running a MacOS system in the cloud where you could (maybe?) host a DEVONthink Server…

Here are a couple of popular hosting options. While I have thought about it, I have not tried these types of solutions…

why is that so unlikely?

For one, we don’t advocate a centralized model like that.
For two, databases are best hosted and handled locally for the best security and performance - also related to our view on point one.
And lastly (as discussed elsewhere), the cloud space is crowded and saturated. It also includes a ton of liability regarding security, privacy, etc. that is disproportionate to the income such a service would provide to a small, self-sufficient company like ours.


Consider (formerly Macminicolo).

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