DevonThink -- DevonAgent workflow confusion

Possibly newbie confusion here …

I have current DevonAgent and the beta DevonThink-2, hoping to use them as the base for research-based reports & writing. I have 4 specific items of confusion:

  1. Copy “digest”-ed parts of pages to DT: The “digest” view in Agent is nice, as it offers topic-centric views of pages and related topics. So I tried to select parts of the digested text in Digest view, and tried to move it to DT. The button only shows HTML Page and Link (no apparent option for selected content), and Menu/Data/Add to DT/Rich Text is active but has no effect on DT. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Getting the topic view, I would like to adapt that view to create the structure of my DT database e.g. the Agent topics (and their structure) are often great candidates for Groups (and their structure). I cannot find any way to move the topic stuff to DT.

  3. When I do move Agent content DT, how do I select which DT database, and where in that database, it should get moved to?

Hopeful and confused … Thanks!

Select one or multiple digests and choose Command-) to take a rich text note capture to the inbox of the frontmost database view window.

That’s not possible. Or at least I can’t think of a way to do that. :slight_smile:

See 1., above. The data will be sent to the Inbox of the frontmost database.