Devonthink does not accept certain emails


Once in a while, there are emails that Devonthink will not import but the majority it used to import but now it will frequently not import emails. There is one emial in particular, it imported yesterday but it won’t today.

How can I troubleshoot this problem?

I did a verify and repair. I have quit and restarted the program.

The best,

Check Window > Log, Likely you’ve already imported it and you’ll see a duplicate UUID warning.

The log is empty…blank

By default, you can’t import the same email into the same database.

What version and edition of DEVONthink are you running?


Well it appears I had already imported the email in a different folder.

So now I understand, once an email is imported once, I need to either duplicate or replicate it to other parts of the database as I require it.

Thank-you for your support!


That’s feasible. Do note there is a preference in Preferences > Email to import previously imported emails as Replicants. This is Off, by default.