DevonThink DTPO tutorials

Is there any good tutorials to watch/buy to learn more about DTPO?

I read this forum a lot, bought “Take control…”, saw a few clips on youtube but are looking for something to take me from the beginners level one step up.

Playing with the app works too - just wondering.

Not that I’m aware of - and I guess I’m not sure what the next level would be.

And personally speaking, play is the best method IMHO.

So play it is!

I did do a total copy of my “real” database to play with to avoid screwing up.

Thanks for fast answer as usual. You must never be asleep or excessively well paid :laughing:

Support is a fluid job that requires every day attention. (No 9-5, Mon-Fri for me - but that’s at my discretion, not by mandate.) And, Eric and Criss (and all my colleagues) have been a great blessing to me. :smiley:

A quote I read as a boy of 7 or 8 that has stuck with me for almost 40 years…

(Sometimes quoted as “A man is most nearly himself…”)

I get the feeling you are a very good team. It shows in your communication. Professional yet friendly and have of fun together.

Seems that Eric is the Mastermind, you are superb at customer service and Korm are short but always give correct and useful answers.

Very few forums if any that I am part of has this amount of USEFUL information inside all the posts.


Eric is the Overseer of all things DEVONtech.
Criss is the (not evil) Genius / magician of our tech.
Alan is the very capable builder of all manner of web/scanner/sorter things.
Heike is our intrepid (and SO necessary) Sales Support person (and also Eric’s lovely wife).
Bill DeVille is the oracle. ‘Nuff said.
Bonne (whom most don’t know) is the handler of all things financial.
… and then there’s just me. :smiley:

While I can’t go into a long list (because I would leave someone out unintentionally)
Korm is not a DEVONtech employee - just a very smart and helpful User here on our Forums, and Greg_Jones (not an employee either) is the keeper of the wisdom of indexing.
Honestly, a library of Bill, korm, and Greg_Jones’ posts would be a wonderful archive of DEVONtech knowledge.

(And a thank you to ALL the people who contribute and participate in our Forums, even those who just ask questions.)

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All sorted out! This should be presented in a mail to everyone signing up to the forum!

I feel in very good hands and DT is one of the few products I really love. Same feeling as when I bought the first SE/30 and LaserWriterII back in 1987.

Thanks for all your explanation and time!!

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