DEVONthink + Endnote Indexing = Wow

I’m an academic researcher. I’ve been using DEVONthink since the start of the year and really enjoying it.

I use it for lots of notetaking, saving news articles, storing and analyzing original research (images, pdfs, etc), legal research, etc. It was always a question for me how to incorporate academic literature that I keep in Endnote. I finally got around to trying out DEVONthink’s indexing function this morning to see if that would speed up keyword searches and linking ideas. I indexed Endnote’s “PDF” file that holds all of the actual PDFs.

I was really impressed how fast DEVONthink indexed the whole thing (~5,000 articles). It’s just astounding the speed and ease now of searching everything (like, everything everything) and viewing DEVONthink’s connections between documents.

Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! If you’re a researcher trying to figure out how to integrate lots of original notes and source material in DT with structured citations from a citation manager without blowing up the size of your DT, this method seems to work really well.


Thanks so much for the generous comments. They’re very appreciated. :blush:

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