DEVONthink Express 2.x license

I bought DEVONthink Pro in 2012, and today when I reinstall it, I received this message:

“The entered license code is not valid for this application but it is for DEVONthink Express 2.x. Please download and install DEVONthink Express 2.x which will happily accept this license code.”

How did it happened?What should I do?

Make sure you’re installing 2.x.

Note that the license information is CASE-SENSITIVE, so “Bob Jones” is not “BOB JONES”.

  1. Make sure to completely fill out all the fields in the registration dialog.
  2. If copying and pasting, make sure there are no spaces selected at the front or back of the license.
  3. Type in the license manually.

And enter the license information for DEVONthink Pro, not the license information you received for DEVONsphere Express. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply,but, no, that’s useless. I have already typed it manually many times in DEVONthink Pro Personal and DEVONsphere Express, it shows the same message.

By the way, where’s DEVONthink Express 2.x? How can I download it?

Thanks for your reply! But what’s I bought is Pro, not DEVONsphere Express.And I just tried for each of them, they show the same messages.

Look carefully at the application name in that error message, and at the name of the application that you have installed and are trying to register.

There is no application named DEVONthink Express. You must have misread the error message.

There is no application named DEVONthink Pro Personal. Look at the application name in the menubar. What is the name of the application? What is the name of the application for which you purchased registration, as displayed in your license code email message?

So you mean it’s a bug?

To solve the license problem the best way is to send me the license code to I’ll check your license code, if it really shouldn’t work, I will create a new one for you as a replacement.