devonthink files in spotlight quicklook

I indexed devonthink databases in spotlight, so I can see find files in databases while searching with spotlight, is there a way to display them with quicklook?

Another question, I indexed multiple databases in spotlight but only one of them is showing up, I tried reindexing spotlight but still there’s only a database files displaying in spotlight searches; do you know how to fix it?
The database that isn’t showing up is composed entirely of files indexed in devonthink from an external hard drive, I was wondering if that could be the problem.


No, because there is no Spotlight mdimporter for our cache files. Also, a DEVONthink cache file could represent many different fileTypes.

If the database itself is on an external drive, Spotlight may not have indexed it. If that’s the case, you can try adding the drive to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy, then removing it.

To add to what Jim said, most of my databases are 100% indexed, and there is no reason that I can think of to create Spotlight indexes for the databases. I just let Spotlight index the individual documents, which then can be viewed with QuickLook when located with a Spotlight search.

Maybe i’m wrong but thought that when files are on an external hard drive, spotlight won’t display them if the hard drive is not connected.
So I wanted the devonthink indexed files (database is in mac hard drive) to show up in spotlight so that I know if a file is there even if the external hard drive is not connected.


Indexed files can be “found” in DEVONthink. They will be reported as Missing but you will be shown the file path. You will only have a small thumbnail (ie. not a usable thumbnail).

Yup, you didn’t mention earlier that the external drive may not always be connected when searching. What I said earlier still applies. If the documents are indexed, there is no reason to have DEVONthink create a Spotlight index for the database. The documents will only show up (as missing, as Jim mentioned) when searching within DEVONthink when the drive is disconnected.

They will show up in DEVONthink as well as a Spotlight search when the drive is connected, even when DEVONthink’s Spotlight index is turned off. Although I suppose there may be merit in creating a Spotlight index of the database in DEVONthink so that the documents show up in a Spotlight search with the DEVONthink icon. This would let you know that the found documents are indexed in a database.

The database is in the internal hard drive, today I tried rebuilding spotlight index (adding macintosh hd to privacy tab and taking it away) but still this database isn’t showing up in spotlight results…
“create spotlight index” is checked in database property and I tried rebuilding it several times,
is there any other possible reason or way to fix this?
Other databases files are showing up without any problems in spotlight.

Yes this is basically what I was aiming to do, so that I can search through spotlight and see if what i’m searching is indexed in a devonthink database or if it is somewhere else (not in devonthink) at once, without having to search twice in spotlight and, in devonthink