Devonthink Firefox plugin Pdf fontsize

Hi! I noticed a big difference between fontsizes for webcaptures created by the Firefox plugin and the Devonthink capture tool residing at the menu bar. The Firefox plugin generates extremely small font sizes (not very usable). Is there a place to adjust this?

What URL and are you using the clutter-free optiom?

I’m using the clutter free pdf one page. It is the same result anywhere with small fonts

Boris i hardt vær – tre av fire briter tror han lyver om julefestene – NRK Urix – Utenriksnyheter og -dokumentarer.pdf (90.2 KB)

Actually I find the same issue using the plugin for Chrome too. Only the Clipper on the menubar of MacOS provides a decent font size.

Development would have to look into the clutter-free mechanism.
What font size do you think would be appropriate?

I think a standard 12 pt would be good. Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

You’re welcome.