Devonthink Folder in "On my iPhone" missing

Hi, I noticed, that the Devonthink folder in “on my iPhone” has disappeared which breaks some of my automated workflows which relied on that folder to export something into my Devonthink Inbox.

Is this known/ also for others? I hope that folder can be brought back. Since some software doesn’t allow to save to different location than iCloud or on my iPhone folders so it was a easy way to get something into Devonthink without moving it into the inbox on a second touch in Files App.


In the Files app, from the main view tap on the circle with the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Select Edit. Turn on DEVONthink To Go.


I assume you mean it has “disappeared” from the iOS "Files App:. Press the three dots upper right corner and see if you can restore it.


Hi thanks for the responses

I didn’t mean that files app → Devonthink to go location. I meant the folder files app → On my iPhone → Devonthink. (I don’t know exactly how that On m Phone location is called in the english version of iOS. In my language it is called like that and I’ve just translated it word by word) That was suddenly gone after installing the latest update.

There you cannot add something like in the top directory of the files app.

I solved it anyways: Deleting the App restart the Phone and installing again worked out.

I suppose that that’s old stuff from the earlier iCloud sync implementation. I still have this folder on my iPad, but it contains only logs and a plist. What do you see in it?

It is like the Inbox folder on the mac everything you save there gets moved into your Inbox of Devonthink to go.

I use a very good scan app quick scan where you can choose a default export location after scanning but due to some limitation whether of the app or of iOS only the Folder inside “on my iphone” and icloud drive can be selected. So I use the folder inside on my iphone as default. By that I simply click save after scanning and the pdf is inside devonthink. Works amazing.

Is DTTG activated as provider in your files app?

Yes it is it is just grayed out in the menu of the scan app. I don’t know why.

In the scan app:

In the files app:

Out of curiosity: what does this scan app do for a subscription that DTTG can’t do?

Here, it can take a photo, convert it to an OCRd PDF and extract the text from it. I just tried with a white-on-black text in an image that DTTG converted very nicely (in fact a lot better than Adobe Scanner). And it doesn’t require you to share anything not does it charge you monthly.

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What scanning app is this?

I use OCR Scanner - QuickScan in fact I use it longer than I have Devonthink. It is mainly free to use there are only a few settings that you have to buy with a one time purchase. No subscription. That was one of the reasons a got it in the past. And it is completely offline so not data collection like other apps that are out there also DTTG is offline, I think.

I don’t see this Quickscan application listed in iOS’ Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.

Well, you spoke about quick scan before, so I assumed that’s what you’re using. But my question remains: why not simply use DTTG instead?

I just tried DTTG for scanning. What I can tell I needed more effort to get a good result.

  1. it took me more clicks to get to the scanning feature
  2. No automatic cropping of the picture to the page I want to scan. At least I couldn’t find it.
  3. The pdf and our has to be triggered manually after saving the picture. Of course it can be automated within the Desktop app.
  4. File size is approx. 10 times bigger. I guess this is also a thing that can be addressed somehow.

I can not tell which OCR is better this needs more testing.

My main point is the simplicity. In my scanner app

One button starts the app and brings me directly to the camera. Page gets detected and automatically cropped, shrinked, OCRd and another click on save names it automatically and throws it in Devonthink.

No guarantee I did everything correctly so no offense to DTTG. I am a huge fan of Devonthink.

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Hi Bluefrog, sorry I don’t understand what you mean.

You can long press the DTTG app icon on your home screen and choose new media to shorten this part of the process.
I too use Quickscan for grabbing paper receipts and exporting them to DTTG as OCR’d PDFs. Much faster for automatic cropping and adding OCR on the way into DTTG. Do that every day. I haven’t fiddled with automating it too much though. I just share sheet it to my receipts database. That lat step is the one that could be automated If I think about it long enough, add some tags etc.

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Go into iOS’ Settings > your Apple ID > iCloud and scroll down. Do you see the QuickScan app listed there?

No it isn’t there. But I think it has never been.

The idea in quick scan is to be able to select the folder of another app in on my phone or in icloud within the files app and export its data into there to hand it over to that other app. In my case I chose the folder of devonthink. To automatically import into devonthink inbox.

So in my understanding it doesn’t need to have its own access to icloud but uses the files app.