Devonthink for bookkeeping

does anybody use Devonthink as a repository of bookkeeping documentation ? Any experience ? What about workflow ?
Thank you for sharing your ideas.

I do.

Repository for bookkeeping docs is one of the main reasons I bought DTPO.

OCR is essential.
Equally important is file naming.
I don’t use tags or categories, but carefully name each document for easy retrieval.

Workflow suggestions?
DTPO AI functions are so fast and so powerful that I don’t think about work flow.
I just import everything, and let DTPO find what’s needed, when it’s needed.

My biggest question, at first, was how to link documents to journal entries and ledgers.
No need to have worried about that.
Date, invoice/bill number, customer/vendor name, total amount, product codes — DTPO remembers everything.
Makes “workflow” design almost irrelevant.

If you want to play with flags and tags, you could set up pending, date due/discount/paid, etc.
I don’t bother with that, because bookeeping software handles that easily, while DTPO does the “heavy lifting” of finding specific documents and sets of documents.

If anything I’ve suggested here is not clear, please tell me and I’ll revise until it is clear.

More on any of this if you wish.
Happy to discuss either on the forum or by PM.