Devonthink for Executor (Testamentsvollstrecker)

I wonder if Devonthink would be an appropriate tool in order to organize and administer all the parties involved, all the processes, all the contracts, etc, in an execution of a will in order to accomplish the settlemend of the estate. Did somebody here has being seen or heard about somebody, that would have been made such challenge with Devonthink?

I haven’t heard of anyone doing this specifically, but I see no reason why it couldn’t be used in that fashion.

Someone on here started a thread for lawyers using DT in their practice. Not sure if that went anywhere.
For me, I use DT/DTTG for many personal and work projects but also as a side project in building management. Not to get too far into the details but it’s a great way to collect all the disparate kinds of files that get created in the course of events. Taxes, bills, emails, receipts and even notes that tenants/co-owners leave each other and transcripts and minutes of board meetings and Zoom meetings.
The reason I thought to contribute to this thread is that there have been two deaths amongst residents of this building and dealing with the estates and all the paperwork that it requires has made me glad I decided to put everything into DT. Having them all on my phone has been a real boon as well.
If there is a caveat it’s that sharing access to documents is easy but sharing access to the database is not as simple. If you think of DT as a “smart” filing cabinet for all the docs, you know that a real filing cabinet could be accessed by anyone but just showing someone DT and your tagging or grouping technique would be a bit harder for them to get up to speed. Not impossible mind you, just harder. Especially if you factor in people who have wildly varying technical skills or affinities to computers.
For that reason I export an archive out of that database on a regular basis so that whomever takes over from me will at least have all the paperwork and folders I’ve organized and the DT database if they want it.

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Excellent point. Not a reason for Executor to shun DEVONthink and miss the benefits of DEVONthink. Ways to deal with this “risk”. Everyone can win.

The DT server functions would take care of a lot of that as well, I think. I didn’t get into the server capability because I don’t have it and while it might fit perfectly for my use case it’s not financially viable as I can get 90% of what I need by exporting files on request.

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