DevonThink for Law

I’m looking to establish a group of DT users that work in and around the Law. I’m an engineer and expert witness which is why I don’t want to limit this to just lawyers, but anyone involved with the law.

I’m currently participating with a weekly Tinderbox group that meets via Zoom and it’s been a really helpful and interesting experience. I’m hoping to do the same thing with a DevonThink group. I’d be glad to be the organizer and I already have a Zoom business account. My email is listed below, please drop me a line if you are interested in joining such a group.

BTW, this is not a commercial group and no pitching or selling will be allowed. The sole intent is for the exchange of DT knowledge as it applied to the practice of the law.

Look forward to hearing from all that are interested.

Larry Dunville
(Feel free to call if you want to talk about this. I’m located in the western US and reside in the Mountain time zone.)

Great idea.
I’m not a lawyer but I have made use of their services. :wink:

This thread and others have connected some lawyers on this forum.

Also, if anything comes out of your zoom meetings, I’d hope someone would report back to the forum and add to the knowledge base gathered here.

Hi Larry,
My small firm uses DT3 Server for our case files, pleadings, etc. A group sounds like an interesting idea. I would certainly enjoy talking to others in the legal industry about how they are using DT and other software they’re incorporating into their workflows.

I’ll drop you an email.