DevonThink for learning scientific/math concepts

Hi All,

I’m exploring whether DevonThink is for me, and most of the usage cases I find seem to involve some sort of textual analysis of PDFs, which is not what I see myself doing. Rather, I’m looking for a piece of software to help me learn and keep track of new concepts. For instance, I might want to put in a math equation, and link it to a cropped PDF/PNG of a table that lists the range of parameters to be used for the equation, and then link the table to a series of journal articles where the parameter were measured, etc. I also take a lot of handwritten notes on GoodNotes, annotate PDFs with GoodNotes, and try and outline concepts as I learn them, and I’d like to incorporate these into my thinking as well. I would also love it if there was a good way to visually see the links I’ve created between different resources.

Do you see this as a viable use case for the various Devon tools? Also, can equations be imported, such is via LaTeX or MathType? Thanks!

I’ve been searching the web some more, and it looks like Curio is the closest software to what I’ve been describing. I suspect that DEVONPro may be useful at some point, as I had a nice chat with a scientist friend recently that uses it, but finding workflow descriptions for science has been a bit tricky for me to find via the forums or youtube. But maybe I am just not looking hard enough.

Anyways, thanks to everyone that read my post.