Devonthink for PARA + mindmapping + zettelkasten + read me later

Indeed. That’s part of the CriticMarkup syntax supported by MultiMarkdown.


That’s really great. Is there any way the editing bar in a DT3 markdown file can support this? Right now the highlight is greyed out and not selectable.

Development would have to assess this and the possibility of having buttons for the other CriticMarkup options…

  • Addition {++ add this ++}
  • Deletion {-- delete this --}
  • Substitution {~~this~>not this~~}
  • Comment {>>some comment<<}

This can be probably done via a customer applescript, icon of which which then can be attached to the main toolbar today @BLUEFROG ?
I use keyboard maestro for this stuff, but maybe this can help @obbiie

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The next version will support this to underline/strike through/highlight text (via the menu, shortcuts and the editing bar).


That is pretty cool!

I’m curious what you came up with for handling these.

I have pressing projects that have a definable outcome but rarely a deadline more specific than ASAP.

I’ve been practicing PARA in DT3 and have created four separate databases for this purpose.

The question is: how do I tackle the increasingly large AREA database (DT has a size limit for smooth running databases)?

Because the content inside the AREA fields is where I often need to maintain, a large number of files are constantly being added :exploding_head:

How many items & words (see File > Database Properties) does the database contain? However, there’s no real limit, only a recommendation. And that depends in the end a lot on the used computer.
For my mac with 8G of RAM, 200,000,000 words seems like an appropriate limit for a database.

Because I have a large number of books PDF, reaching this amount seems to be a predictable thing :exploding_head:

Maybe the best way to solve it is to upgrade my Mac?Or do you have a better suggestion? :blush:

Unfortunately 8 GB of RAM isn’t that much anymore these days.

Why does my M1 Max order with 64G memory show that my bank card balance is insufficient? :upside_down_face: :sob:


I’ve been practicing PARA in DT3 and have created four separate databases for this purpose.

Interesting. I was thinking about doing the same exactly because of the reason you mentioned, Areas part tends to grow very fast in terms of assets and might deserve a separate db.
Also i could imagine syncing Projects DB over to iPad would be more handy as I am doing this today (using a completely separate DB not related to PARA). I think your post has motivated me to try this out! :slight_smile:

What is your summary overall after using this approach?

Hey jooz! :grinning:

I’m sorry for the late reply to you.

In my long practice of P.A.R.A, I have found that the most important value of the system is that it allows me to distinguish what areas are important and what areas I can ignore.

As a result, I am no longer creating 4 separate databases for PARA.

My method is: I add numbers to the name of each database to distinguish whether the database belongs to AREA, RESOURCE, or ARCHIVE. e.g. 02 for AREA, 03 for RESOURCE, 04 for ARCHIVE. this helps me distinguish which database to focus on.

Also, multiple databases help me to reduce the pressure on my running memory and reduce the risk of data loss (avoiding putting them in the same basket).

What do you think of this? I’d be happy to hear if you have a better way to practice P.A.R.A.

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Thank you! I truly need to experiment with it!