DEVONthink for Philanthropy

Hi All,

I’m on the communications team of a mid-sized private family foundation, and we’re trying to see if DEVONthink can help streamline our work. We fund several diverse program areas, from medical research to global development efforts, and we are looking to populate our communication channels with regular content on the work of our grantees. We have a small communication staff, but a larger team of knowledgeable program officers. They often save reports, articles, and other documents, but we rarely see them. We plan to increase in size in the next couple years, and expect this flow of raw materials to increase.

Our question is, what’s the application for this? How might DEVONthink’s artificial intelligence help us draw parallels or connections between documents that we might not otherwise make? Beyond being a fancy search engine, how can DEVONthink alert us to trends, organize our materials, and help us draft content? Are other philanthropies or organizations with similar goals using the program in a similar way?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!