Devonthink go version 2 future updates

Hi, many thanks for this new version it is great.
In a future update could we see all tags when inputting new tags.
When I type a new tag I can’t see my previous tags so I’m not sure if I’m typing the tag the same and then end up with duplicate tags ie food and foods.

When you are typing a tag, after three letters the closest matches are shown.

I would love to see an improvement in autocompletion of tags in a future version.
While it is great to see the closest matches after typing three characters, why not immediatly show a list of all matches?
Without typing any charakter, just show a list of all tags and then subsequently narrow down the list as the user types more characters.
Of course I am wondering if there are performance contraints or don’t you want to show potentially huge lists of tags?

Yes, we definitely have to be aware of both these things.

Matching “d” will provide MANY matches.
Matching “de” will provide less but potentially MANY matches too.
Matching “dev” becomes much more restrictive in the number of matches.

It’s both performance but mainly UI constraints. Currently we are trying treat screen real estate especially on small devices carefully. Therefore we use the black “editing menu” for the tags.