DEVONthink/Hazel Tip: Delete unwanted application scripts

This tip automates a process that I have done manually for years now, and it just occurred to me today that I could automate this with Hazel.

Each update to DEVONthink offers to install new application scripts that integrate various applications with DEVONthink into ~/Library/Scripts/Applications. It is a good idea to check this option with each install as these scripts are updated occasionally.

The downside to choosing this option is that all the application scripts created for DEVONthink are installed, even if some of these script folders have been deleted in the past. The scripts are harmless if the respective applications are not installed, until you include ~/Library/Scripts/Applications in a search index such as Spotlight or LaunchBar. To automate the process of keeping ~/Library/Scripts/Applications tidy, I created this Hazel rule to delete the scripts for the applications that I do not use. If you have some applications that you never use the scripts with, such as Safari, you can also safely include those applications in the list.

Note that Hazel does not display the entire path to folders that the rules act on. The path to the folder pictured below is ~/Library/Scripts/Applications, not the Applications folder where all your applications reside.

Does this type of tip can give certain command to only delete scripts you want?