DEVONthink highlights over Eagle Filer


I’m looking to migrate away from Evernote after being on that train on and off for the last few years. I’m currently looking at 2 applications: DEVONthink and EagleFiler. Both are providing a 30 days trial, but knowing myself I’m sure I won’t have the time to give them a fair comparison in a timely manner.

I’m sure that some members of the community went through this decision in the past. I’d really like to learn from you what you found to be the highlights for DEVONthink.

thank you very much

Whilst this isn’t specifically what you asked for - because it does not compare the two products with one another - numerous users have presented their views on the advantages of using DEVONthink in this thread.

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I have just migrated from EF, which is superb piece of software that I’ve used almost since its inception.

I think you will find DT by far the better choice in every way. It’s streets ahead of EF and does perhaps a hundred times more. Good luck!


Could you share what made the biggest difference for you? Thank you

I agree. it is almost too much to say but DT is far far more feature rich and has an iOS counterpart.

The biggest difference for me is that it is a repository for everything and is end to end encrypted and acceptable on iOS.

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I use EagleFiler for business records. It stores files directly in the Mac file system and includes some data integrity features. It has many similar features to DEVONThink.

I also use DEVONThink Pro very extensively for various of my projects and researches and appreciate its particular features very much. Though I have never suffered any file losses using DTP over many years, I prefer not to rely on database systems where I need to be sure of long term access. Hence using a different tool for my business records.

The other main differences for me:

  • Search and automatic filing are perhaps the key features of DTP compared to EF.

  • You can also have multiple databases open at one time in DTP.

Plus there is DEVONThink to Go for iOS which synchronises with one or more DTP databases.

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DEVONthink doesn’t have to store files in its database, files/folders can be also just indexed and remain in the filesystem. In addition, even the files imported to a database are always accessible, even if DEVONthink shouldn’t be able to open the database anymore. See folder Files.noindex inside the database package.


Yes I do realise that and I fact in use index folders usually.

Overall, I use DTP for nearly everything and EF for only one specific set of tasks. DTP is always open on my computer.

I’ve had years of dependable use with DTP thanks to you and all at Devon Technologies.


EF is an excellent piece of software. It’s well-supported, kept up to date, and does what its designed to do almost without flaw. Its price reflects its scope.

But for integration, features and add-ons DT outpaces EF in every way… scripting, tools, Smart Rules, ways to import, categorise, sort and retrieve data, for instance.