DevonThink iCloud (not iCloud drive) Sync for Mobile


I know that iCloud sync mobile has been raised before here on the forum. I hadn’t yet seen anything about what I wanted to share here. If they DevonThink dev team has not seen it yet there are a few products our there that have solved this problem. The solutions are becoming more common.

The AgileBits/1Password team has implemented sync on iCloud for apps outside of the Apple Mac App Store. They’ve open-sourced their implementation here:

The Synium/MacFamilyTree team has also implemented an iCloud sync solution like the AgileBits solution. See: … sync-share.

Both products have dataset sync needs and dataset are somewhat similar to DevonThink in terms of documents, photos, binaries, and metadata. Both solutions are not based on iCloud drive. The AgileBits implementation is based on Apples’s CloudKitJS and CloudKit Web Services, and it appears that Synium team is using a similar implementation.

I’d definitely like to see this capability come to DevonThink. I’m looking switch out of Evernote and Dropbox and consolidate on DevonThink and iCloud.



Thanks, Jeff. We are looking at the documentation and it’s possible (ie. not a promise) that we may make use of it.

Why does the App list iCloud Sync as an option but the iPhone app does not?

Because it is not technically feasible to use with DTTG2 as a Sync location at this point. It will be available when the technical challenges can be overcome.

Any clue when that will be? I’d rather not pass my information through another third party company.

Is the syncing information encrypted?

But DT can sync through iCloud to another computer?

Sorry but no. We do not comment on timeframes for development.

If you specify and encryption key, yes.

Correct. Remember, the world does not revolve around mobile devices alone. And, macOS ≠ iOS.