devonthink icon not showing

A small thing in the grand scheme, but I haven’t seen the DT nautilus icon in the dock or when command-tab application switching, for some months now. I keep thinking that with some new upgrade it will come back.

I’m running 10.6.7, no disk problems, permissions are repaired, etc.

I see the “default application” icon – the pencil/ruler/paintbrush making an A over paper.

Any reason for this or a fix?

Is the icon on the downloaded disk image ( fine?

FWIW, I’ve noticed with 10.6.7 that icons on applications inside DMGs are sometimes missing. This is always fixed by re-downloading that particular app’s installation package. Seems to be a transient failure of 10.6.7 and/or Safari (5.0.5 over here) to mark a download as complete.

There’s an icon on the app as it appears in the finder, both on my mac (finder) and in the dmg. It’s when the app is running – dock icon and command-tab icon.

The app package is missing versions of the icon. Normally there are different sizes for different purposes. If your download and reinstall DEVONthink on top of your existing installation, the problem should fix itself.

I still have a generic icon, after reinstalling a few times. I’m now up to 2.2.

Without spending too much time, I can’t actually find these icons inside of the package contents.

I assume everyone else gets a blue nautilus shell in the dock and application switcher instead of the generic icon that screams “$3 shareware”