Devonthink in a bundle from Nucleobytes - is it legitimate?

An outfit called Nucleobytes is advertising a bundle that includes Devonthink personal (which I don’t need, obviously) and some other good software: Arq, PDFpen, Papers, and things I’ve never heard of (Manuscripts).

I am interested, but suspicious. Is this a legitimate bundle? They take Paypal, which is a mark in their favor, but I have not seen mentions of this bundle in the usual places, and I’ve never heard of Nucleobytes. … ol-bundle#!
Has anyone purchased from them before?

Yes, it’s a legitimate bundle. We’ve posted this in last week’s newsletter.

Another great thing with the deal is that it is “real” apps, not stripped down ones and I was able to upgrade my PDFPEN to PDFPEN PRO afterwards for a fee.

If you need at least two of the apps it is a super deal!