Devonthink in Microsoft Edge

Hi there, is there anybody with real experience by using Devonthink via the Edge Browser on the Mac? I like to use it there but can’t find an easy solution. Thanks, Fred

That implies that you’re running DT server somewhere.
If so – what exactly is your problem with Edge?
If not – how do you expect to be “using Devonthink via the Edge Browser”?

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Best would be to have an extensions like the ones with chrome. Tried to install them in Edge and it’s possible but I wasn’t able to use them to store pages in DT. So I look for any easy solution to do just that.

Can you please describe in detail what you did? Best would be a sample URL that you can’t store in DT, and which formats don’t work.

There is no bespoke Edge extension. You can install the Chrome extension per Microsoft’s instructions. I just checkd and it’s working as expected here.

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Thank you, tried it in the morning and instead of saving the url to DT ist opened another page. Now it worked - thanks for helping me out.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: