Devonthink in Sonoma - Displaced highlight of search result

I have several smart folders/smart rules, since I updated to Sonoma I am observing misplaced highlighting of the found words (search itself works ok as before, for example)


gives me this higlight


As I wrote in another thread, I don’t expect the DT developers to rush out a fix for this issue, since I’m the one who made the choice to install an unfinished beta on my work computer. The bugs I’m experiencing are on me.

That said, I’m wondering - have any other DT users tried the MacOS beta and seen this behaviour like I have? Or will people see me as a warning sign and decide to hold off on updating until the MacOS beta is more polished? :slight_smile:

What kind of document (e.g. PDF, Markdown, RTF etc.) did you use in this case? Maybe it’s related to the document (especially in case of PDF documents).

We suggest people stay away from running beta operating systems unoess they have a Mac they can dedicate and they don’t need it to run normally.

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All of those are replicates of linked PDFs, I am getting this with many PDFs not only one; I remember higlighth being ok

I noticed something elso, apart of the results that are ok, search gives me false positives in the document where the phrase really occurrs

If this will be useful, I can check the same documents in DT running on Big Sur on my much older laptop

Yes, but people running beta are useful, they catch bugs :slight_smile:

this issue doesn’t break my workflow, so I dont want to downgrade to Ventura,
but it might be useful for others to see it, usually more people jump to betas late August/early September

They’re actually only useful when they’re reported, and even better when someone works with a developer to resolve it :wink:

Sonoma beta 6 seems to fix this.

Yes, I just opened the forum site to write about it :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed an issue when reading a PDF in DevonThink with highlights from search enabled (for example when browsing smart group). When I have the PDF open in DT main window but I’m focused on another application on other screen, after a while DevonThink will automatically scroll the PDF to the location of the first highlight. This causes me to lose my place in the document I was reading.

But maybe it was me by mistake using a shortcut that focus on first occurence - is there is any such shortcut?

There’s Previous/Next Highlight in the Go menu.

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I think I wasn’t using this key combination, even by chance;
I will observe further and report if this behviour will continue/repeat

This was OS problem with the focus on the other screen window, typing in Obsidian on one screen had effect on DT window in other screen; after restarting it didnt happened again;