Devonthink Integrated Clipper vs Bookmarklet - search

The browser bookmarklet allows to search for a folder before clipping something into Devonthink.

This is awesome!


  • there is no bookmarklet for markdown

At the same time integrated DT clipper supports markdown


  • there is no search!

Do i miss something? How can i clip with markdown and have search field?

2 questions:

  • can we have a bookmarklet with markdown support AND/OR
  • support search in the integrated clipper

Obviously, integrated clipper with search would be the way to go, IMHO.


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You could use a bookmarklet using this URL:


First of all, thank you very much Christian. That did help!

Secondly, please consider adding this asset to the list on your public website of devonthink. I think, lots of users will benefit from it!

Thirdly, any comments on providing a search window in the integrated clipper? I was also stumbled why this difference even exists in the first place between URL and integrated clipper.


Searching might be supported by the clipper in the future.

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Just added :slightly_smiling_face:

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