Devonthink Item Link Into Instapaper

I’m trying to create a unified reading list. I use Instapaper for most things, but sometimes have PDFs, which Instapaper doesn’t support. My original thought was to use the Instapaper feature that allows you to email items to yourself, and to send both the name of the PDF and a link to a folder in DEVONthink where the PDFs are stored. That way I’m reading the PDF in DT, but it still shows up in my queue so I don’t forget about it.

Unfortunately when I tried a test email, pasting the DT link into the email as a hyperlink, if I click on the link in Instapaper, I get an error of “Invalid URL.”

Has anyone come up with a solution to add a DT link to Instapaper?

Welcome @redrogue5

DEVONthink’s item link is a URL scheme. Instapaper would have to support it specifically.

Do note there’s the View > Reading List sidebar built into DEVONthink.

From the Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Reading List

It is not Instapaper, but the app GoodLinks respects url schemes and can import your Instapaper items.