DEVONthink & iTunes listing help please

I am writing more in hope than expectation as I do not know whether or not it is possible to do what I want to do but perhaps the collective mind of the Forum has an idea on how to achieve it. I have a music collection of a particular choir, (Sir. Harry Christopher’s “The Sixteen”) in iTunes consisting of over 50 albums and nearly 1000 tracks what I would like to do is to have in DEVONthink Pro Office a list of the individual tracks together with a note of which album/s the tracks appear on. I could of course work my way through the tracks listing them but that will take one heck of a long time! Can anyone think of a way to speed up the job please? I do not mind what format the list is in but I would like it to be sortable by track alphabetically. I suspect a spreadsheet would be best and one possibility is to have it in a Numbers spreadsheet indexed in DEVONthink, (I could then have columns in the spreadsheet with track name, album and composer).

Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated before I embark on this task as my experience tells me that getting advice before starting from the folk here is always a good idea!

Many thanks.

I’d take a look at the scripts available from Doug’s AppleScripts:

I suspect you’d be able to use a script to get a list or text file. You can then copy and paste the text file into Excel and use “text to Columns” (I THINK that’s the name) to convert the mess from a single column into proper columns.

This specific script will export Artist-Name-(optionally song title) as a tab delimited text file. This would very easily be imported into Excel.

Many many thanks, this seems to be exactly what I was looking for. This place never ceases to surprise me! Cheers. :smiley:

No problem! Indeed the hive mind is a treasure trove!

And if you import a tab-delimited document into DEVONthink, it is presented as a Sheet.

Better and better. Thanks Bluefrog.

I spoke too soon! Whilst the result from using this script is impressive and useful in itself it is not actually giving me what I would like. It produces a text file that when pasted into a spreadsheet gives me three columns: Artist, Album and Tracks, see attached. What I now need to do is to extract all the information in the Track column for every album and make it into a single list that can be sorted alphabetically. This A-Z list can be separate from the spreadsheet I now have. Is this possible?

This one might be better:
It looks like it should produce rows for each song, rather than album-level rows.

There are a few other scripts that might work for you as well with various intermediate steps.

In some cases you may find the need to create a playlist (perhaps a playlist with every song in your library) that you can then run the script on, if the script is playlist-based.