Devonthink killed my PDF

Hi, I am working an a Mac mini M1, Ventura 13.2, Devonthink Pro 3.8.7. and Devon Think to Go on an iPad Pro 12.9, iPad OS 16.3. I am synchronising a database between both devices.

Last two weeks I edited a PDF File an my Mac wir Adobe Acrobat, adding comments etc. The file synching seems to work fine. I can see the aktuell PDF in DTTG on my iPad.

Today I edited this PDF on the iPad in DTTG, marking some text with the pencil. Then I quit DTTG.

Back on the Mac in DT the Preview of the PDF is frozen, Adobe Acrobat can’t open the file.

On the iPad (DTTG) I can see the changes, but I can’t export, print or mail the PDF.

Shit happens, I’ve got two actual backups (Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner), but… this exact file isn’t in both backups? What is this? Are there files that are ONLY in the cloud?


No, there aren’t files that are only in the cloud unless you’re indexing files on the Mac. And then it’s a bad idea to try to index files that aren’t local to your machine.

In fact, if you’re importing and syncing, there aren’t any files in the sync data at all. Sync does not merely do a file copy for syncing.

I’m guessing Acrobat is at play here. Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please ZIP and attach the problematic PDF as well. Thanks.

Thank you for your quick response.

No, I am not indexing any files. I am glad to hear that my files are not copied. I will open a supporter ticket.