DEVONthink Mail Import Support doesn't work on Sierra

After installing macOS Sierra the plugin DEVONthink Mail Import is disabled. I tried menu Install Add-Ons… Apple Mail Plugin but still the same result. It is important for me this plugin to be alive.



An update will be available later this month.

Which months end?

There were more issues introduced by changes Apple made. The fix will done be this month - October.

This is November 13 and it still doesn’t work! Any new schedule?


It works for me - mybe you need install again Plug-ins from DEVONthink application.

I import mail every day, try reinstalling your Plug-ins with Mail closed.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I had tried both procedures several times with no luck. After reading your responses and turning on my brain, I decided to reboot and that cleared everything up! All working as normal!

Thnx again,